Academic Research

Hello everyone, I hope you all have a good day.

I’m not sure whether it’s alright to post things like this but I would like to hear some voices or opinions on the survey I had conducted for my design report. If it’s against the rules then by all mean take down this thread.

Before I go on the survey I would like to introduce myself.

I am a Bachelor (Hons) Interactive Multimedia Design student at The Design School at Taylor’s, School of Architecture, Building and Design, Taylor’s University. My research looks into The basic needs of 3D Animation, where its purpose is to understand the needs to create a 3D animation. Though it may not covers all of the fundamentals of animating, this survey is more focused on the importance of graphic and story elements, of whether high quality graphic is a necessity ,how important a story is to the animation and the involvement of 3D animation in film industry.

If you would like to participate, here is the survey

It would be highly appreciated if the people of Blender would invest some of their time to fill out this survey and helping me in my research.

Thank you for reading this thread.

Giving it a bump, just a gentle reminder that the survey still require more participants. I would be grateful if you would invest a slice of your time to complete the survey.

Thank you.

I took the survey. What is it exactly that you are interested in?