Acces in the shader editor to another object information

In lightwave, this is possible since 20 years.
a node giving position of another object will be helpful.

Make a Combine XYZ node and drive its components by another objects transform channel.

other_object_position_in_shader.blend (574.1 KB)
Changing the position of the empty changes the color of the cube.

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with a driver, yes, but it’s limited
and the position was just an exemple, in ligthwave, you have acces to all the components of another object

Then instead of ‘Transform Channel’ use ‘Single Property’ and type in the path to that property. What do you need?

it’s not a need, it was an exemple
if we want acces to the position at surface of another mesh after rendering subdivision, we must have accès to the object
driver give us acces only at animation level