Access Dynamic Object Type properties from script?

Hi, I got a question:

I need to access the dynamic object properties (e.g. for a simple cube with object type “dynamic”) via scripting if possible. In detail I need access to the “Damp” property. Unfortunately I can’t find it in the API docs… Where is this thing?

Uhm, I donno for sure but I though you can’t acces it. So either make the dynamic system in python or solve your problem another way.

What do you want to do with this property?

It would have been a way to make a smooth transition from terrain and slopes to gravity in a first person handler (since most available handlers are not satisfying…)

Example (see attached template as well, press W to walk upwards the plane):
The player is a Dynamic objecttype. If he walks on Terrain or slopes I can set Damp to 1 and the player will follow different slopes very smoothly. If Damp is set smaller than 1, weird effects will happen such as sliding etc.

As long as Damp is 1, the object does not react on gravity. Therefore if the player comes to a ledge and needs to fall down I need to change Damp to 0.1 in order to let gravity do its work.
Afterwards - as soon as the player reaches the ground I need to put Damp to 1 again to prevent further weird effects from gravity.

Scriptwise it would be no problem, if the option was just available…

Btw. I cannot do the following instead:
object.suspendDynamics() / object.restoreDynamics() - because when I suspend Dynamics (while falling down) all Collisions are removed, which must not happen. So… any idea?


template.blend (275 KB)