access problems on blender's forum?

in last 2 days i had so much problems trying to access blender’s forum

is it blender’s forum having problems or my local internet giving problems ?

anybody else had problems in last 2 days ?


Try the Blender forum instead of the Bledner forum, you might get better access then.

Haven’t seen any problems here.

Probably karma

I had problems, but our connection was having problems that was fixed by loosening up some of the wires that feed the connection to our PC’s.

As a result I didn’t notice that the forum servers could’ve been slow.

it’s very strange cause i usually get the top part of the page then it wait and wait and some time loose the page!

and only in the alst three days

may be a combination of factors

but not fun at all!


I’ve also had troubles with BlenderArtists the latest few days if that was what you meant. I tried it with and every time it said that it was down.

sometime i need to try 2 or 3 times before i get a fulll page
even 3 days fater beginning of this i;m still having problem to get full page in one trail!

don’t know if it is local net problem or blender’s forum !

but at other times it works fine for 1/2 hour and then begin to sent only top of page or 1/2 page again !

hope it comes back like it was before soon !