access this controls

how do i access these buttons in the current release as provided in this documentation. where do i find it in blender 2.79 version.

specifically, i need to now where the light button is in 2.79

That option is gone since the 2.5 introduction, and it’s now a bit meaningless in terms of what you can now do with it… But you can still download some older version and still use this function.

Anyway, there are still plenty of ways to achieve a similar result, but some may be far better than others, depending on the objective.

Do you care to tell us what would be the usage of that function?

game engine shading don’t work on my build. textures show up fine, but face don’t receive light or shadow. that’s why i was seeing if here is an an option to turn it on or not.

If your faces aren’t recieving light there are a handful of possible reasons:

  • The viewport is not in ‘Textured’ mode
  • You are in multitexture mode and have an image texture with the ‘mix’ blend mode (overwrites the shading color)
  • You are in GLSL mode and your GPU/drivers are not modern enough.

After checking the first one, I suggest making sure you put BGE into GLSL mode so that you can take advantage of real time shadows, bump maps and so on.
If you do end up using multitexture mode - best of luck. I don’t think it’s seen much use for years, and my memory of how to use it has dropped to zero. Try setting the texture blend mode to multiply? Maybe ‘lighten’ I really can’t remember.

thanks, based on wat u said, i got at least multitexture to work, that will be enough if i want to create a game. the glsl shader problem probably has a driver issued evolved. i could consider testing BL on different systems. i could at least consider the BL engine as an option for my project now.

u get mad probs sdfgeoff.

u get mad probs sdfgeoff.

I no get mad. I used multitexture for a fair bit longer than most because I had rather old hardware for several years. If it’s what works, then there’s nothing wrong with using it.

“u get mad props”, is an expression

also, multitexture is the only thing stopping me from having to write another game engine. also, does multitexture do shadows.

“He be getting mad because he be angry man.” :smiley:

Also, Multitexture is simply shit. UPBGE doesn’t even have it. GLSL does shadows as well. And around 100 more things

i use it for compabibility on older machines. doesn’t matter how good glsl is if it doesn’t work

Not everyone has a computer that can handle fancy graphics Nemescraft, it is not about whether it is “shit” or not…you could do minecraft with it…and minecraft did really well…

I didn’t know GLSL needed such a good computer. Sure, you can do something with it, but I don’t recommend it. However, it’s your choice, not mine.


Oops, misread it as ‘probs’ - as in: “u be getting mad probabaly” My bad.

does multitexture do shadows.

So, it goes like this:

  • Single texture maps a single image to a face, and that is all (now removed from BGE)
  • Multitexture allows you to blend multiple texture maps on top of lighting using the ‘blend mode’ in the texture panel.
  • GLSL allows multitexture features and custom light-paths including specularity, bump/normal maps, shadows and so on.

Hardware from 2000+ supports multitexture. Hardware from 2010+ supports GLSL (approximately)

thanks sdfgeoff, i will be looking at hardware upgrade as an option.