access to ramp shaders?

Hi, I’m new, first post here … I want python access to material color ramps, and I think I can’t get it yet. I’ve searched for variations on python color ramp shader here and the wiki, and the closest I’ve gotten is one unanswered question from a year ago.

So, am I right that the only access to those shaders is still the readonly ~enabled~ bit in the 13Jul06 docs? If so, is this fixed in cvs or anything nice like that? I tried the viewcvs interface, it timed out, so I can’t check the changelog unless I go for a full development setup which I don’t want to do just to answer one question…s

I’m trying to improve the blorbiter (on sf) Orbiter import/export/management toolkit, and with the ramp shader I can match Orbiter’s diffuse-ambient rendering closely enough that I don’t need to play the export-switch-bounce game for that.