Access Virtual Sound Environments for Windows

I was looking for an option to increase the bass for my speakers, and came across this:

Pretty sweet. This is on Windows 7 by the way, with Realtek HD audio. I did a quick google on it and couldn’t find anything on it. Such a sweet feature! I like to keep it on Concert Hall for music XD. Could be good for parties.
There are also many other enhancements besides environment, like digital surround-sound which is sweet.

To get to it:

  • Right click the speaker icon on the taskbar.
  • Select ‘Playback Devices’
  • Click on ‘Speakers’ and click the ‘Properties button’
  • Go to the ‘Enhancements’ tab.

It’s good to select ‘Immediate Mode’ for easy recognition for the differences between enhancements.


That feature has been around for a long time. I messed around with it under XP.

Honestly though, I don’t miss not having the crappy fx. on my 2 computers running Linux…

yes… linux ftw

in xp, yes.

sure, it looks prettier in 7, but it’s probably faster in xp

actually, the thing I used to use in XP looked exactly like the dialog in the first pic.

If I wanted something like this in linux I could hook up pro-level fx in jackrack

Yeah probably, but I don’t care, I’m more for eyecandy over performance.