Access Voxel Data for Volumetic Shader

Hi all,
I’ve seen some images where talented blender users have imported their 3D data into a volume for display (not sure if it’s using the same volumetric shader), and I was wondering how to programmatically access the voxel data passed to a volume absorption or emission shader. I’d like to import my 3D (eventually, 4D) data sets into blender (assume this part is done*), and then display the data by playing with the density, reflectivity and emission.

Any pointers are much appreciated.


  • although if anybody know of a tif import direction that will save me from re-inventing the wheel

Cycles volume shaders can be driven off the point density texture - so this may be the starting point. I dont know how to input voxel data into the point density however.

Perhaps you could transform your voxel data into a particle system - then use the particle system to drive the point density.