Accessing a prepurchased rig?

I am new to Blender and to computer graphics generally, so I apologize ahead of time for any foolish questions.

I bought a 3-d character off of TurboSquid and loaded the character into Blender. The character came in several file formats, and so far, I’m using the 3ds file format. The character looks good, and I was able to add my own simple armature and move the arm and the leg. However, when I bought the character, it said it was rigged. My understanding is that this means it should come with a pre-made armature. It certainly would save me a lot of time if I could use a pre-made armature, assuming it’s detailed and well-done. However, when I first load up the character, I don’t see any Armature object within the Scene, the way I do when I make my own armature.

Is there some sort of dumb mistake I might be making which is preventing me from finding the pre-made rig the character supposedly comes with? I emailed the guy who made the model but I haven’t heard back yet.

The character also came in the following formats: obj, max, mb, xsi, c4d. As far as I can tell from Blender’s import options, obj is the only other one of those (aside from 3ds) which I can load into Blender. Is this true? Unfortunately, when I try to load the obj file, I get some sort of Python error, so that doesn’t work.

Thanks very much in advance for any help!

unless you’ve got a .blend file, you won’t be able to load the complete rig. You should try your other formats, see if you’ve got collada, it should import with a rig, but many of the advanced functions (such as action drivers, morphs etc.) won’t be available unless you open a native file format (no difference whether it is blender or for example maya). But I’m curious, were you able to import good looking materials from a 3ds file?

Thanks for the info, Kiriri. I don’t think I have the character in collada, but I’ll double-check that.

To answer your question, I was reasonably pleased with how the images generated from the 3ds file looked. Of course, I am just a graphics newbie, so maybe someone more experienced would have higher standards in terms of more subtle things like textures and lighting, but it all looked good to me.