Accessing and Sounds


mb someone can help me abit out?
2 simple things.

we have 2 object, 1 has sensor and controller(python) and the other object has
an actuator. this is all linked via logic briks. So i call the attached actuators from the controller but console keeps saying me: HEY MAN, there are no f**** actuators attached, jou!
i go again to the logic briks and in fact it is attached. Ok, obviously the controller is blind.
So how do i show him the way? How do i access to the “attached” actuator from another object via python?

We have a Man, he has a hat and sings(looping).
Now this friendly man dies, and usualy he would make somthing
like: graaaaoouuhuhuhuhSSSss…!
But if i do this:
PlayASound then own.endObject() it does not work, and no sound is coming.
Somehow its logicaly because the object is gone.
But how do i do somthing like this in an other way??


greets Equal

I don’t know what you’re doing, but it works fine for me.

py = GameLogic.getCurrentController()
ob = py.owner
sens = py.sensors
acts = py.actuators

always = sens[0] #first sensor
always = sens['sensor'] #sensor named sensor

mot = acts[0] #first actuator
mot = acts['act'] #actuator named act

py.activate(mot) #start doing whatever the actuator is supposed to do

py.deactivate(mot) #stop doing whatever the actuator does

variable names can vary, of course, and declaring mot or always twice like that is totally redundant, I’m just showing the various ways that they can be found.

I don’t think that there is a way to activate an actuator for a different object with Python. Try using the Message actuator and sensor.