Accessing Ipo data of an object?

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I am tring to get some use the of the blender api but it seems what I want has nothing to do with the blender api but rather the game logic.

I wanted to animate a ball rolling down a slid, but dont with phisics. Saidly I dont have the math nor knowlege of what is need to create want i really want. Instead I came up with an idea that would use the the blender’s game engine with the physics already alplied. So basic I make a few ramp like structures with a ball having weight, physics and rigid body (the for rolling). So the I would just copy the orientation and the position of of the ball 24 times every second then somehow paste it into the Ipo of the object (which in case would be the ball).

I have gotten as far as gettig the orientation and position of the ball BUT have no clue on how to use the IpoActuator() properly its kinda confusing I can’t read the docs that great since the doc’s examples ONLY FREAKING INCLUDE BLAH!!! WTF IS THAT, THATS NOT A DOCUMENT!!!
err sorry ;| just kinda upset to read the realtime engine docs and just see blah for the example -_-. Anyways I’ve been looking at some scripts dont in the realtime engine and the record and playback helps a lot but it doesn’t reall use the Ipo actuator ;|

Can anyone help me out? btw should fix up the search since 1/2 of the results don’t exsit. (maybe it was when Kib change the forums location.

Anyways thanks for what ever hel that can be given -_-.

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