Accessing Material of a mesh

(iamamoocow) #1

I’ve got a mesh, which I can export the geometry of, no worries. But how do I get access to it’s Material/Colour object?

thanks in advance


(eeshlo) #2

Depending on what you use, 2.23:

ob = Blender.Object.Get(objectname)
me =

matnames = me.mats

‘matnames’ is a list of material names. The list can be empty. The actual material you can get with:

for name in matnames:
    # name can be None if material deleted
    if name:
        blendmat = Blender.Material.Get(name)

for Publisher:

ob = Blender.Object.get(objectname)
me = ob.getData()

materials = me.getMaterials()

‘materials’ is a list of the actual materials, not only the names, so no extra code needed.

(iamamoocow) #3

Yeah, I do that and I only get an empty list (with publisher).

I’ve assigned two different colours to the same mesh, so it definitely has Materials. Any clues?


(eeshlo) #4

Then I guess you didn’t assign the materials to the mesh but the object instead?

To get materials from the object:

ob= Blender.Object.get(objectname)
materials = ob.getMaterials()

You are not confusing materials with something else, like uv-textures maybe?

(iamamoocow) #5

yeah, no, I’ve got it working now.

thanks… I’ve seen your handle splashed about a lot of these messages, Your knowledge and helpfulness is quite admirable. Greatly appreciated, I imagine not just by me.