Accessing object groups in-game?

It’d be convenient to control and sort objects by a convenient container in the system.

have a script that looks for a property and stores a list of them

property = Group2 etc.

otherwise I think groups are lost when you press P

That’s awfully inconvenient.

parent all of them to a “spawn” item, then


add= scene.addobject("spawn",own,0)
for item in add.childrenRecursive
    if 'Group' not in item:

for item in add.childrenRecursive        
    if 'BreakOff' in item:

Why would you just not use the spawn item (the parent) their container instead of property hassle? Name it group and there’s a perfect place to hold them. groupMembers = group.children and for group member the group = own.parent.

What are going to do?

I’m trying to keep track of the small handful of gameplay-relevant objects in a scene where numerous complex objects may exist. In a fighting game, there’s only the stage’s collision body, fighters, and maybe a few projectiles to keep of; but the stage may have any number of cosmetic features that don’t need to be tracked by any gameplay monitor.

I wanted to avoid building a function where each object reports itself to a monitoring object, but it struck me that I’d need to do that for the sake of tracking unique values (a homing fireball would need to report things a fallen sword would not) anyway. I can just toss in a few lines at the end of each gameplay object’s central recurring code, so hey~

if 'init' no in own:
   for item in scene.objects:
       if 'Group' in item: