Accessing objects in a non-active scene

I need some help:(:frowning:

I am trying to make a inventory system. At the moment it is in the same scene as the main game and it is really slowing down the game play. How would I be able to move it to another scene and still be able to link to the objects in the scene without the inventory scene being active?

You cant access an object from an inactive scene.
I think in blender 2.49 RC1 you can access object trough overlays and background tough.

In 2.49:

scenes = GameLogic.getSceneList() # returns a list containing all scenes

Like Mico said, the scenes returned are the active scenes, overlays scenes and underlay scenes.

slightly related, added a new variable “scene.objects_inactive” to access objects in hiden layers (so you can add props to them in py before they are add-object’ed)
scene.getObjectList() has been deprecated for scene.objects too

Thanks everyone!
I will try to use a paused overlay scene and see if that helps with the speed! :slight_smile:
Thanks ideasman42! I actually have another problem that your variable will probably be able to fix!