Accessing original mesh data from geometry nodes

Hi, I got a question.
Is there a way to access the original mesh data (instead of the evaluated data)?
Currently, I have to duplicate-linked the mesh, strip it from all the modifiers, and then use the object info node to access it from the original node tree.

original geometry question

BTW, I need it for my vector displacement setup, it’s actually quite cool.
I am using it as Shapekey (atop multiresolution) & Sculpt layer & LOD.


I’m not sure if this would work, but maybe there’s a way to transfer/capture the mesh data as a attribute from earlier in the node tree by either using the attribute transfer or attribute capture node to then use the original mesh data later in the tree?

The problem is when there are other modifiers before the geo node.
For example: getting the original vert’s positions before they have been displaced by a rig modifier.

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Maybe you have two different geometry node modifiers? The first one is before any other modifiers, and simply captures the attribute. And then you can use that in the geo node modifier that is after the other modifiers and bring it back in?

Nice solution :slightly_smiling_face:.
The thing is, my goal was to simplify the workflow. IMHO I rather crowd the scene with an additional duplicated mesh instead of doing it in the modifier stack.
It would also be more complicated on the asset-creating side.