Accessing ragdoll's rigid body constraints

In Blender version 2.49, I have a ragdoll that I made using the GUI. I already know how to access an objects physics Id, which is used for creating constraints. But is there a method that I can use with python for accesing the constraint system for all of the rigid bodies that make up my ragdoll? If not, is there at least a way to print the constraints for each individual rigid body like a shin or a forearm?

Can you post a screenshot of the ragdoll so we know what its made of.

I would but im in school right now. But the ragdoll is simply composed of individual cubes that are set to rigid body with convex hull bounds.

I want to be able to access the constraint data for either a whole ragdoll or an object that I have already created in the GUI. Is this data possible to locate? If not, if i create a constraint from scratch with python, can I activate it after the game engine has already started?

yes, you can change a constrain on the fly :slight_smile:

check marcoIt’s post


Try using bge.constraints

it appears to me that the link you provided shows how to set up the system for making editable physics constraints. I want to be able to access the constraints that I have already created with the Blender GUI…

I see, I was thinking of in game constraints,

I use 6dof linkages to “build” a rag doll,

I have never used anyone elses yet,
so I don’t have constraints in the UI,