Accessing the matrix of pixels in a specific frame <how?>

actually the thing that grapped my attention is the game
“R type Delta” for the playstation one
when you select a plane from the 3 planes , … you see an effect which is very beatiful :smiley:
the effect is :-
a horizontal line of pixels is shifted to right or left in an instance
and this happens too for the line above or under
so you see an effect like if the screen was jittering , and the connection is weak

am i clear ?

ask me to clearfy if i’m not …:wink:

now the question says :- can the matrix of pixles of a frame be accssesd so we shift them ?


are you talking about dithering?

I do not have that game,

If it was a 2d tile based game, they use a technique called dithering, to make fake transparency… sometimes they switched the even pixels off and the odd pixels on really fast to make a transparent like effect.

DO you have screenshots or video of this effect in game?

imagin a black screen showing a red traingle in it , now … you take a random horizontal line and move its pixels so they start from 5 and end with 4 instead of starting from 1 and end with 100
like that

so i have shifted the pixels to the left by 6 steps (you noticed the three ones moved)
when this happen gradiently as if the pixels are moving , and this is happening in the line above too and etc … so you will see the frame like wether if it is getting pulled from a specific place to a direction … and like if the screen isn’t plugged (perfectly) to the pc …

am i clear … ?

By the way Mmph!
is dithering possible in BGE ?
or it is an old thing in 2d field .

I think i know what you’re talking about. 'Tis a really cool effect, but I have no clue as to how anyone would do this in the GE.

I’m not sure you can do post-pro effects in blender as of yet; else we’d be able to do bloom fairly easily (unless I’m misunderstanding something ^^)

Yes, you can do this effect in Blender. However, you would need to edit the source code in order to do it.

can i reach the matrix of pixels in python ? , through rasterizer as example .

you can take a screenshot from through the rasterizer, but no you can’t access an array of pixels, unless someone reverse engineered the screenshot function in the source code. You could take screenshots, and load the files with python, but that would be way to slow

is it possiple with glsl ???
like the pixel pushing in here

i think i shouldn’t start a new thread called
pixel pushing <how?>
so please help me … :frowning: