Accident Animation

I am new here, but I am involved in Forensic Accident Reconstruction.
I’ve used VistaFx ( to date, but want to evolve.
Anyone here ever do Accident Animation with Blender?

Use the blender game engine, you can do them in real time, very easy.

IT’S good that you chose blender for this kinda stuff.

I smashed up a Dodge Charger model i made once. Did and animation of it driving into a wall, the front crumpled and everything using a heap of armatures - just for a laugh. :smiley: Ive probably got it around somewhere, but cant find it atm.

You could use the GE, to get some pretty exact physics. Or you could animate it all by hand like i did, which can take some time but is a bit more flexible in some ways. Depends on how you want it all to look and what its for etc.

that sounds fun :smiley:

the new demolition script would be good for that