Very simple scene for czech weekend chalenge on theme Accient. :slight_smile:


color version

Nice !
I prefer the brown version by the way, more characteristic 'n all.

Good work!

Very nice. :smiley:

One problem is that some of the pills (specifically the white ones and the white portions of the plastic pills) aren’t casting a shadow so they look like they’re floating. Maybe you could fix that in post.

The box also looks a bit too thin and uniform. Try to add a slight bit of depth to the cardboard. We can see the outside texturing on the inside as well.

On the cap, it looks like you intentionally left Set Smooth off to make that rough grip (whatever that’s called). You might want to go back and model that with a little more detail. It shouldn’t really take all that long. I once modeled a lid similar to this in one of my projects. To make the jagged rim, I simply used Spin Dup to create a whole lot of stretched cubes aroudn the outside. You may find another better method, but that’s just how I did it without textures.

Good luck on the WC. :smiley:

G_Taurus rocks. As always great work.

Stunning work, yes it is. Only crit: Shadows seem too soft, so they make seem the objects float.

I prefer the b&w version rather than the color one, BTW.

How long did it take to render?