Accidental ctrl + z in object mode, how do I recover my progress?

This has happened to me a few times before, I’m in object mode and I accidentally ctrl+z, suddenly all the progress i had made in edit mode is reverted. WTH. ctrl+shitf+z doesn’t work for redo, no auto save.

You can bind the undo key to something else so you don’t accidentally hit it.

Ctrl-shift-z works so long as you don’t go back into edit mode first. But by default blender auto saves your file every 2 minutes after you’ve made changes to your scene. See ‘recover auto save’ from the file menu. I know it can be frustrating, hope you don’t run into it again!

What in the holy H?! I just lost HOURS of work! WHY does this even exist!!! Why is there ONE key stroke that can make you lose EVERYTHING! That makes NO sense.

Just recover the auto-save file? So it’s just minutes lost?

No, it was hours, I had somehow already autosaved over the autosave file I needed. I ended up scrapping the project, I was so disheartened. But I’ve learned since then. XD