Accidental Pixel Art

Hi everyone,

I wasn’t even sure which forum section to post this since it’s technically finished because it’s a render from one of my finished projects. As I was applying the final edits to my scary animation episode, I lowered the resolution of the video sequence editor in Blender in order to speed things up a bit while I was synchronizing the sound and other FX.

I accidentally scaled the resolution down to 10% and I thought the end result actually looked pretty cool. Reminded of some of the point-and-click adventures I used to play on my Amiga 500+ all those years ago. Damn I miss the good old days :cry:

I was thinking of adding a mini pixel art animated horror series to my YouTube channel and decided to share these renders with the Blender community. Let me know your thoughts.


I thionnk you are onto something here. Your char reminds me of Flashback

Wow, that’s a great complement! I remember flashback so well. Before that I was playing Another World and that completely blue me away as well.

The great thing about this stuff is that it renders so fast and since it’s pixel art, I could probably get away with even less than 12 frames per second for the animations of characters and props.

I think you should go down to %6.66 :smiling_imp:

nice work !!!

I think the Blender developers are somewhat superstitious. It keeps rounding up to 7%, ahah.

Even at 7% it looks good but I think it depends on what the subject matter is and how near or far it is from the camera.


Thanks! Glad you like it! :grinning:

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Try turning of antialiasing, you might even decrease the rendering speed that way. Lower the sampling below 5, which can also help with the render speed.

Hey, you’re absolutely right. It renders even faster!

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It should even make it look more like pixel art. Why not render it and post it here? I am curious how it looks when things move.

Sounds good to me. The original animation is at 12 frames per second:

Do you think I should reduce to 6 or 8 fps? 12 fps seems pretty high for pixel art.

BTW, when I say 12 frames per second, the output video is actually at 24 frames but holds each image for 2 frames. I always like to render the final video at 24 fps because it gives me the flexibility to add smooth transitions and overlays in case I need :wink:

This style may actually help you with the creepyness…

There’s a theory that horror works best when you can’t just clearly see everything… when you can just about make something out you’re imagination works overtime and you start scaring yourself… the pixel art style could help with that.

My thoughts exactly since it allows the users imagination to fill in the gaps making the experience somewhat unique for each viewer. I’m definitely considering adding a new pixel horror animation mini series to my channel. It would be interesting to see how it is received. I love pixel art and horror animations so fusing both together would be awesome.