Accidentally hit revert.

So as I’m learning my way through blender while working on projects, I managed to accidentally hit “revert.” With quite a bit of work going poof, there’s now a cold sweat running over my back as I’m wondering…

is there a way to revert, revert?

You can try to ‘recover autosave’ right below ‘revert’. And learn to save more frequently! You can save incremental by hitting the + on numeric keypad when prompted with a save dialog.

Yeah, it was one of those days where I don’t bash ctrl-S like a madman. Somehow. Unfortunately it seems the auto-save made a nice new save in-between me posting and you responding, so that’s a lost cause. Oh well, thanks for the advice.

It’s weird though, with all the things in blender asking for confirmation or warning you need to save, you’d think that reverting would do so as well…

Ah well, back to work.