Accidents Happen...

It’s only 30 seconds of video, but it’s completed, and was fun to crank out…

Any thoughts?

good clip, i like it :smiley:

This is great! Simple and effective! Did you do this for money or just for fun?

Learning and fun. Wanted to see the actual production issues and times for finishing one.

Haha, brilliant concept.

Ha Ha! Brilliant!

Thank you!

haha, great!! Animation is very well done! U should try making a photorealistic version and sell it to an insurance company;)

I know someone who owns an insurance company… but it’s life insurance, not vehicle insurance.

Funny! made me laugh.

That looked like a Sim at the end. Good work

Heheheh great! The insurance companies ought to pay you to re-do that into something they can broadcast! :wink:

Considering the movie, would there be a differance?


LMAO, very funny :smiley:

Ha! That’s good! Sometimes the simples things are funniest… great combination of sound effects/visual effects!

LOL. good job, good recording, script, neat little package that tells a great story in a short amount of time. and of course, i love how you animated the ship veering off after…very funny.

Haha, thanks for the chuckle.