Account activation

(system) #1


Username: tob
Email address: [email protected]

The activation email that I received was truncated to simply…

"Greetings, "

I’d like to take you up your offer to manually activate the “tob” login

(Would I use the password that I originally submitted when I registered?)


(S68) #2

Account (manually) activated…

welcome aboard,


(thetechie) #3

And that was the end of the email? S68: I don’t know if Kib gave you ftp access or not. If so, could you check the email templates for me?

(Timothy) #4

templates seem to be fine,… just a 1 out of 2000 type of thing I think :slight_smile:

(thetechie) #5

Hrm. Okay. You know me, gotta check. :stuck_out_tongue: