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Is there a way to join two blenderartists accounts into one? I registered here in 2006 and haven’t been around here for ages and my hotmail account seems to have deleted the login info. I managed to remember the username however. With that info I got my password reset so now I’m able to use that account as well but I rather use this username instead.



You can just ask for a username change, although i am not sure how that would work with there already being an account with that name and everything…

I am sure the moderators themselves would be perfectly happy to help out if needed.

Thanks for the reply.

If i recall correctly a few years ago there was this thread where you could request username changes but I guess that’s been removed since then.

Hi Ben,

Sure thing - could you just report your post and then describe what you would like to have done? This will notify all of us just in case you reply when I am offline. Will be happy to help out and look forward to talking more!


We are facing one problem . There is an article which has been assigned to three reviewers but what happened now one of the reviewers account that has assigned that article, has been deleted. Now i am unable to cancle that reviewers review status. how to do that?

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