accumulate ball with particles ?

I can generate let say some ball from a plane with particles and make them follow a path

but is there a way to accumulate ball at the end of the path to create like a pile of balls ?

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Would the Harmonic Force Field work in this instance? If not maybe the molecular add-on would.
The Particle type in the above ^^ is FLUID.

would it be possible to have sample file ?

and will try to understand how it is making this effect
cause I need to adapt this to another model

that is close I guess
can the shape of the accumulation be define somehow ?

is it possible for particles to follow a 3D path ?

have not tested the molecular addon at all
not certain what is possible with this script

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Didn’t save a sample. It really is just one force field. – harmonic

If shape is in question Keyed particles are available.