Accuracy in modeling

I’m new to Blender and have some general queries. I need to draw 3d models which are dimensionally accurate enough to output to a cnc router for fabrication. The most accurate description of what I need would be wooden elements carved on a 5 axis cnc router in shapes like a clarinet including the main tapered body plus the blocks and key ways into which the keys fit as well as the holes. Is this kind of accuracy in model building possible in Blender?
Also, will Blender export to DXF accurately enough for my CNC program to assign tool paths? Should I put my time into learning Blender or go the Autocad route?

Any advice would be appreciated


the normal accuracy is with 7 digits like from 0.001 to 9999.001 for the default scale

unless you change the scale which would give more digits on one side depends on the scale selected
but it’s always 7 digits for the time being!

so it should work i think
mind you blender is a modelisaton soft not a CAD system
but can be use i guess to prepare model for CNC it’s been done before!

let us know if you have enough info here!

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I wouldnt do it this way. I would use CAD system. I have heard that some guys were working on some CAD system addon for blender but not sure if its done.

Thanks for the replies and help. I’d love to hear from someone who has tried and failed or tried and succeeded in a similar project. It would be great to see a sample of their work prior to CNC. I need to try to pin this one down before committing to a system. Thanks again to those who replied and looking forward to some more.

can you fie an example of what precision you want ?
is it like 0.001 ?

or show a pic iy you can

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Thanks again for replies. I’m attaching a jpeg of one of the elements I need to make. It will be carved on a 5 axis cnc router from hardwood. Accuracy should be at about+or_.1mm


i think by changing the default scale you should get the 0.1mm pecision no problems at all

the tut from

should help you set up blender even if it is still in 2.49 it is the same principle
and you an always ask a questions here if there is any problem!

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Time to study I think. Thats very helpful.