Accuracy International L96

Here is what I have got after a week of working on it.

about 1.4 million poly so far :stuck_out_tongue:


And a closeup

Over 3 million poly now

This is ridiculous!

3 million polys? o_O

I believe it, they even did the hex depressions in the bolt heads. Mind boggling.

if u upgrade to version 2.71 u can now cycles bake so if you make really good materials and have only environmental lighting, u can get some seriously realistic textures for this gun.

Comments, yay! :smiley:
I could propably save some polys, but im going to bake normals to low poly, so yeah.
Currently I donโ€™t feel like modelling low poly, so I did set up some basic materials.

This looks really good, could u do a wireframe renders, i really am bad at gun modeling and just wanted to see how your loops flow. Really nice, i like the simple textures. I would make the scope a metallic color though.

Thanks :D. Here are the wires.

Is this going to be baked so that u dont have to render all those polys.

Looks very good! I bet you get good normal maps from this!

Hah, thanks :D! Iโ€™m glad u like it.

Of course. As I said, Iโ€™m planning to make low poly model and then bake everything. Only not in the nearest foreseeable future, because I always have a couple of projects going on and jump between them not to get bored :stuck_out_tongue: