Accuracy Of Scale for 3d Printing

Tried this in another area and got no response so I’ll try it here.

After modeling my object in Blender, I export it to an .STL so I can send it to a 3D printer for prototyping. If I need to make sure that the model is exact in its scale, 30mm tall, here are the steps to achieve this, as I understand them:

Go to Scene and change the Units to Metric
Hit “N” and note the section titled “Dimensions”
I adjust the scale of the model until the Z axis reads 3.0cm (or 30mm)

Is that correct? If I do that and then export the .stl will the units translate appropriately to the real world finished product?

Hope someone can give me some insight.

This is not a Technical Support question. There is no need for a duplicate thread just because nobody has yet responded to your original question. If you want your original thread moved to another subforum report it (small triangle at bottom of post)

My apologies, Richard.