Accurate crop plugin in Video Sequencer?

I’ve tried searching the forums, but I can’t find anything. Does anyone know of a plugin or of an easy way of cropping accurately in the Video Sequencer. By accurately I mean like having and option of like Top, Bottom, Left, Right cropping. Thanks!

i think there’s gonna be a crop node in 2.43, but no VSE upgrades as focus more on nodes. In 2.42 a, there is no crop, you should be able to noodle two translate nodes. The first crops upper left and the second crops lower right sides. It is in pixels, so its as accurate as you can get. But alas, there is a bug that has been fixed for 2.43 wherein a second translate node disregards the first. So, you have to render out the first crop, then import that and crop the other corner.

Ok, Thanks. I’ll try it out once I’ve finished my mock exams (only 1 left!)