Accurate Earth Shape?

I’m playing with an Earth model (it’s just a sphere at the moment). I’m aware that the Earth is not completely spherical, that it has a bulge. Here’s a good read on that:

Not worrying about land details at this time, do you know of a good way to accurately model this difference?

size is so large so very difficult to get real dimensions

Earth is like Radius 7000 KM --" diam = 14 000 KM

blender with scale of 1 is limited to 10000
so won’t be able to show small bulge of a few meters
unless it is more like kilometers in size

but even then it would be very difficult to see it in a render !

so depends how close or realist you want the model to be !

happy bl

If I’ve done my maths right… if you press S, Shift+Z and type 1.00335 (scale across X and Y by 1.00335) … you’ll have a more accurate globe shape.

The question is - can people see a 0.3% difference?


Cool, thank you @yogyog!

Perhaps the engineer types can? You’re right though as it is hard to see at a glance. :slight_smile:

When I did it, did it on scale 1/100000, so earth diameter around 12cm, sun 14m and distance to earth around 1.5km.