ACE Crane - Please Critique + Turntable +_Clay (almost)

real world scale, almost. This is not 100% done yet, as it needs some feedbacks and some little work needs to be done on the concrete slabs there.

  • Denoiser
  • Cycles
  • FIlmic
  • HDRI Light

Here is my first turntable animation. It is not smooth :frowning:

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Here are some 4K Clay renders (I know they are not perfect clay renders. I got lazy):

Some more shots:

Some little tweaking was done after observing these clay renders. LOL


Nice modeling and nice rendering.
I have nothing to criticize… nice work

This is really modeled well. I think it would be worth doing some additional textured renders… maybe a couple closeup renders.

The one thing that stuck out to me is the repeated textures on the stacked cement slabs. While it’s obvious you have added some grunge and dirt, I think the machine would benefit from additional grunge.

But a real nice job overall on this scene.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Thanks! :slight_smile:

I only designed the rest of the scene considering the camera perspective, :frowning: So I won’t be able to do different angle renderings. Or did you mean zoomed in renders?

I have removed the repeating texture from the slabs. I also added stacks of bricks to break the consistency of the cement slabs. I also added some more grunge and tire tracks on the ground. Will shortly give my new render.

The cranes looking great. one thing you could do to push it a step further is to paint some bump-maps for the booms welding points.
Is the concrete slab an image texture or procedural? if later there’s


Here is the updated version:

Thanks :slight_smile: Yes, I will see to it. That will make it look amazing. I updated my image again and tried to remove the repeating textures. It is an image texture.

does this really exist? it doesn’t look like something you can lift heavy things with. the wheels need a v profile but all in all great work.

Great modeling and lighting. My only critique is the camera angle, it´s a strange composition somehow. Also the camera seems too high in comparison to the crane?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Yes, it really exists.

There are different models with slight variations.

Thanks, DM9! :slight_smile: I will lower the camera angle.

I think these cranes can lift things around 15ton.

Can you explain me a bit about the V profile thing?

incredible, what physics can make possible. the connection betweeen the drivers cabin and the crane looks so small.

v-tire profile, see link:

like monstertruck wheels. it grabs through loose ground. but it is not a must have, when the real crane uses your tires.

Thanks for the info. Yeah, the design seems odd. Some cranes do tip over and I wonder if this V thing is related to that. Haha

Doesn’t seem like it would tip over, the front wheel is slight ahead of the center of mass (on the load side). It would probably have some reduced traction the rear wheels if it has to move with a load. Very nice work btw, looks almost realistic.

Reference images of this crane was hard to find. I had to extract them from youtube videos. That’s when I saw many of them falling. hehe And Thanks! :slight_smile: