Ace Dragon's museum of art (sketchbook)

(Ace Dragon) #201

Continuing the resolution bump and visual upgrading, an update for My Yellow Sunflower.

The biggest difference lies in the material for the grasses and other plants for the background (I discovered some pretty inaccurate material construction from back then and corrected it).

8 cores 16 threads + Cycles denoising + some additional denoise work in GIMP meant a render that needed less than an hour to calculate.

(Ace Dragon) #202

Out of Ideas

Writer’s block, artist’s block, simply unable to figure out what to place in a scene or what comes next in a book. This image is a representation of that, I’m sure most here could recall when they had trouble with what detail to add.

(Ace Dragon) #203

Ball Got another go (again).

For some bizarre reason, the current hair shader nodes (when mixed together) can cuase a major violation of energy-conservation out of the box (something which isn’t seen with any other node). I discovered that the problem was that one of the modes did not like hair with backfaces, so I used the geometry node to omit backfaces for a couple shading effects in the setup (which resulted in decent results with no massive noise generation or blowout).

(Blujay) #204

The textures and materials are looking very nice! I’m curious as to what the light behind the ball is supposed to be coming from?
The dog has definitely improved from the last update; however I’m not quite sure if you were going for a cartoon look or a realistic one?

Your persistence and patience at improving your works is quite admirable!

(RobertT) #205

Pianissimo is incredibly beautiful and a pure joy to behold.

I’m so happy you’re posting new and updated works!

Please keep up the amazing creations, and thank you for sharing your works and insights with this community over the years.

Looking forward to seeing more new things from you!


(Ace Dragon) #206

Thank you RoberT, I’m also delighted to see that you are commenting more on other people’s work (also, perhaps you should start a thread for your work, you haven’t posted much outside the Weekend Challenge threads for a while).

Thanks, fur is a tricky topic right now in Cycles, I’m hoping that the new fur shading the GSoC student is working on will remedy things (as you currently need more than just the hair shaders considering the weaknesses of the Marschner model). The dog’s fur especially has gone through several iterations, I think I’m finally on the right path now that I’m able to get white fur without producing bursts of energy and noise.

(Ace Dragon) #207

Behind Closed Ancient Doors take 2

This time taking advantage of everything I mentioned being applied to scenes in earlier posts. The original image was a struggle to render due to a combination of weaker hardware and difficult sampling. Switching the scene to use area lighting rather than mesh lighting, cranking up the BPT sampling, and applying the denoiser though means an improved and clean image with clear caustic effects visible in the pool at the bottom.

(Ace Dragon) #208

Dragon Discovery

Three day render without the use of the built-in denoising (but rather did selective denoising in GIMP) due to it not quite producing the desired results. I finally made an effort to place my latest Dragon model in his own scene (which I don’t think turned out too bad despite all of the light sources being volumetric in nature).

(Ace Dragon) #209


I was intending this to have more detail overall, but I ended up liking what I saw and decided to go with what was there. I think the shading in general got a major boost overall from the bevel node and especially the new AO node (the latter was used for both surfaces and volumes).

(Ace Dragon) #210

New Principled Hair Shader = another shot at * Ball *

I didn’t realize how far off I was in my previous hair shading attempts until I saw the results. It just looks so much better (and with no need for hacks and workarounds to get nice white fur without blowing everything out).

(Ace Dragon) #211

Kitsch Street

I have to say for one thing, it’s far easier to obtain edge effects on some materials (metals, ect…) now since I no longer have to make any use of the pointiness attribute (at the cost of some rendertime, but I’ll take that).

Also used a combination of the mist pass, the object id pass, and the environmental pass to de-emphasize the background while preserving the color of the sky and clouds.

(Ace Dragon) #212

I knew that last image had a little something that was missing (check the left side in this updated version).

(Ace Dragon) #213

The Boiler Man Cometh

I’ve had this idea in mind since the early days of Cycles, but never got around to it until now. Of course waiting a few years allowed me to produce it in a way that would not have been possible back then (true volumetrics and micro-displacement), but the relative simplicity of the idea in general allowed the creation to go pretty quick compared to the previous one.

When he comes, are you ready to face him?

(Ace Dragon) #214

Worlds Underneath; Version 2.

In all, a very noticeable upgrade from the initial image, with much better volumetrics (fog and clouds) (the first image used fakery with motion blur), better tonemapping, microdisplacement (stones and the red surfaces), and upgraded materials.

I’ll put the original image here for direct comparison.

(Ace Dragon) #215

Decided to give Amorphous Rising a shot in the arm as well.

Better shading, tonemapping, and sampling in general. The new features that have come to Cycles since 2.79 is being used in about every piece now (which simply shows just how great the new stuff is). The best part is that there’s no raylength hack this time around so it just looks more real.

(Ace Dragon) #216

A quick upgrade this time, just the old tonemapping made the old version look a bit hazy.

(Ace Dragon) #217

Orchestra of the Candles is the next image to get a boost.

Enhanced candle flames, color, detail (wood floor thickness along with chairs in the back for starters), along with the other standard pieces in the process. I also used brute force scattering using real volumes for the candle material for better glow effects.

(Ace Dragon) #218

Living in the Trees needed a bit of TLC, so I took care of that.

Improvement was needed, the field of grass below did not solid ground underneath and the leaf material was too bright for starters. I do like how the changes led to a notably warmer look and a better impression of being deep in the canopy.

(Addidi) #219

Hi, i like that last one. ‘Living in trees’ , its a bit dreamy … the previous one, ‘Orchestra of the Candles’ , is also beautiful. Congrats’

(BlenderProX) #220

I know! thanks for helping lady sorrow.