Ace Dragon's museum of art (sketchbook)

(Ace Dragon) #221

A quality bump for Out of Ideas

Slightly improved colors and shading alongside a couple new details and far less lingering noise. What did help is that caustic noise in BPT is cleaned up much faster if you turn off the sample indirect lights checkbox (that also speeds up the rate of sampling by a significant amount too).

(Ace Dragon) #222

Bubblestones; Tropical

After many hundreds of pictures, I figured it might be time to go back and refresh old ideas with the latest tech. Blender has to offer. This is somewhat based on Bubblestones, a much older picture of mine done in Blender’s Internal render engine (but with far more detail, far more realism, and more types of bubble).

Here’s the original in comparison

(Ace Dragon) #223

Did some upgrading to Water Maze; Marble Edition

There’s a far better sense of daylight, the waterfalls show off better, a couple of extra details and changes were brought in as well.

(Ace Dragon) #224

Well, I am finally doing it. As of now, I’ve been making an effort to switch from a workflow that relies on a somewhat fudged filmic tonemapping to full filmic tonemapping (ie. ditching the curves and my own attempt at using a node group to turn bad albedo values into good ones.

These are the first results using Water Maze; Marble Edition and Out of Ideas.

It took a bit of adjustment of materials and lighting, but overall, there are many things that make if preferable.

(Ace Dragon) #225

Bubblestones; Tropical got the full filmic treatment too and even got some fixes to the vines.

(Ace Dragon) #226

More refining of images using full filmic workflow; Pipeline Base Security Door and Return of the Stone Staircase.

My Dragon model got the treatment too, though I hope I’m done refining it.

(Nine Prisms) #227

Wow, your work is really interesting, I love them! I find myself lost in all the little details, and they really share a sense of being somewhere new, I place I could never go to in real life. Loving that dragon too! :two_hearts:

(Ace Dragon) #228


Meanwhile, full filmic refinements were applied to The Slit-Light Room, Inside the Red Locker and A Walk of Style.

As a result, the first two images saw more subtle, but noticeable improvements and the third sees a major quality bump due to not having used filmic before.

(Ace Dragon) #229

A Checkered Conundrum has gotten a boost now (tonemapping and resolution), but there is a twist.

The image itself has no new detail, what is different is that it is officially my first full render using Cycles in Blender 2.8 instead of 2.79 (using the dev. build and not Alpha 2). One of the things I’ve noticed is that the denoiser seems to do a better job at resolving reflections when the sample levels are high enough (in areas where the denoising passes themselves don’t show reflected information). This means this specific iteration has clearer reflections than the last one.

2.8 itself meanwhile stayed fairly stable and for the rendering job at least, it didn’t crash or glitch.