Ace Maze: a space shooter game (need some help!! need a team!!)

hi all!

i’m new to blender and his game engine.
i’m busy making a game like ‘super maze wars’ (a game from 1993)

the game is about a spaceship that fly’s around in a maze killing his enemies.
but i can’t do it alone, without no help. :frowning:

who want’s to help me?

what has to be done?
*i’m looking for a cool name for my game!
*i need some music
*power-ups like:

  • invisibility
  • new bullets
  • following rocket (torpedo)
  • speed
  • extra armor
  • … and more to come…
    *a nice HUD, with a HP bar, armor bar, bullets, and power-ups
    *multiplayer options like
  • play online (join and host servers)
  • choose a game character (a color, because all the ships have the same model
  • 2 player option
    *explode when shot
    *hit indicator when shot

Stuff that has been done!:
*bullets that fly in a spiral
*2 players
*more realistic ship movement (still in progress)

there will be more that has to be done… :slight_smile:

leave some tutorials or something to help me! :slight_smile:
thanks a lot!



I could help with modeling texturing and i could look after some music and so… (a little BGE i know too…)And could you post some more images?

there are images over here:

this is how it has to look like! :slight_smile:
these are just renders, not in the BGE!

hi all!

i need help!
can somebody make a hp hud and ammo hud for me? :slight_smile:
i will send you the .blend if you respond! :slight_smile:

it has to look something like this:
(this is a crapy image i made)


this is what I have so far! :slight_smile:
but I could need some help!!

the one player file:

the 2player file: