Acelerator for static scenes in Yafray

Hi to all . Well I was playing with the code of yafray and I did I small modification that some of you could be intrested on.

Basicly record the photon maps. So is good for animations of lets said architectual views or walks where the objects are not moving , only the camara move.


1.- Rename the file globalphotonlight.dll on the subd of plugins of yafray to globalphotonlight.bak.

2.- Download or or and put in the plugins subd of yafray.

3.- Generate a file call “GeneraPhotonInf.RCRuiz” in the same subdirectory of the blend file.

4.- Open the blend with double click. (this is importan because some times do not reconice the subdirectory).

5.- Render. (this generate a file photon.inf with the photon map).

6.- Is recomendable that after generating the file close blender . (some thime it crash :?)

7.- Next time that you enter to that file with double click you will notice that the ligth calculation is a looot faster in any angle and position of the camara. :smiley:

Un Saludo a todos

[Edited] something that I forgot . . . this only record the photons fron area ligths and Using Full method.

You use the power of vudu.



Very cool.

I know people have been requesting for recorded photon maps for a long time now.


excellent work dude ! you really give a big plus to this renderer !


is that a true photon map generation or just a speedup for every photon map calculation?

It is a true photon map. well thats on my limited criteria. :-?

Soon I will Have more news


Sweet, will be great when i give archivis a go.


:o Coooool !!! Big THX !!! It would be implement in next version YafRay !!!

Regards !!!

Thanks RCRuiz this looks to be a nice addition to yafray.

I am, however, having trouble getting it to work. I followed your steps, but it crashes on the initial render of the photon map. It creates the photons.inf file but it is file size “0.” Do you have any suggestions? I have tried with a couple of the lastest builds from over at and am using the most recent version of Yafray.

No worries, I’ll wait for its official incorporation into yafray but am eagar to play.

You need open the file with double clic the first and the second time…

For some reason… the path is not recognize when you open the .blend file, from blender.

And you need “GeneraPhotonInf.RCRuiz”; generate with notepad (a blank file) and Save it. Make sure the file not have the extension .txt; (check the icon) must have a Icon for stranger files in windows.


That’s a great tools for me!
But the problem is that I’m using yaf with linux, so I cannot use your dll…
Can You share also the code?
In this way I 'will compile a linux version of this great plugin!

I put the code in a post in yafra forum but is not working today . but is there. just take a look leater

Un Saludo

their domain is off line at the moment! :wink:

Any new versions?
What about yaf-a-ray?