Acer laptop cooling problems

Recently I have had some pretty bad overheating problems with my Acer laptop (yes, I know, they’re not known for making good cooling systems)
My Acer aspire 1660 has been running pretty well up until recently (well, it’s video card is only 64 megs, and the batteries suck, but other than that, it runs well…)

however, about the same time as I installed ITunes a couple weeks ago, it has overheated and shut down about 3 times now. I installed NHC, and my core temperature gets up to 165 degrees when I’m doing stuff I often do (say, drawing a picture at printer res, gaming, etc.) and only drops to 120-130 when idle (this is pretty bad, right? I should be shooting for more like 80, right?)

Things I have done/am doing to help this-
-I have another fan set up behind the computer, to at least recycle the air- I think it helps a little
-I have a game box (HL2: EP1, boo yeah!) under the back to keep the bottom off the desk, for better ventilation.
-I have some CPU cooling paste coming in the mail (I’m pretty sure mine is pretty old, and not doing much help)
-When the paste is spread, I’m gonna get the dust and stuff out of the computer, and make sure the cooling “system” is clean (it’s basically just a fan, I believe, but there might be some other things to help cooling

So, what else might I be able to do to reduce the core temperature?
I find it kind of… irritating… that I can’t safely use GIMP and ITunes at the same time for more than 20 minutes… too bad my music library is weird, and I can’t open it with other programs. I’d think the file system was corrupted, because I can’t open the folders, but I tunes can open them (oops, I’m rambling- this is an unrelated problem… gawd, I hate ITunes…)

[edit] all degree measurements are Fahrenheit.

If your processor is AMD, they have a special driver called “Cool and quiet”, this might help you out right away…

Cleaning dust, and checking that all the fans are working is a great idea, most people overlook this…

having the proper graphics driver is important too, some laptop graphics cards require special drivers to get the fans to all work properly.

AMD also has a few other utilitys on their website that monitor, and give heat warnings…

hope that helps, sorry to hear about your laptop :confused:

yeah my brother had simialr problems with his acer laptop.

first check dust. second lift it off your surface. a cooking rack from the oven should do.


I use an AMD Acer laptop too. It only overheats when I render complicated scenes and its summer. Pointing a standard room fan right at it sorts out the problem.
However, apart from installing 'cool ‘n quiet’ you should also really remove the dust. I happen to have a compressor (for spray painting actually) and I use it every once in a while to blow te dust out. It works pretty well, as it gets right into all the little crevaces, etc, without having to open it up.

you could plunge it into a bucket of ice water.

Oh wait, don’t do that, the ice cubes might scratch the case.

As batteries get old, they turn into resistors as they hold less charge. resistors convert energy into heat. try getting a new battery.

I just popped my battery out, and am gonna watch my temp to see if anything changes

oddly enough, I used VLC to listen to some music for a bit, and my temperature was more in the 140 degree range, it seems ITunes alone boosts me 20 degrees.

I forgot to mention (my earlier post is edited now) the degree measurements are all Fahrenheit. Just to be sure people know.

If they were in Celsius, you would have a ball of fire.

I havn’t had any problems with my Acer 5050. The large vent on the side seems to do it’s job well. I think the real killer for you is that large Pentium 4 you have. Here is an article that might help you -

I think taking the battery knocked about 10-15 degrees off my processor- I’m running at about 115-120 right now (granted, it’s a tad cooler today)

oh, wow, I just realized that I also had the other fan off- maybe it’s not really helping?

ooh, by the way, thanks for the link Howitzer

it may be your battery and/or power supply (on the cord, not in the system)…

if electronic equipment is starved of power, it will heat up very fast.

if this laptop is under warranty send a b!tch to the customer tech support,
most of the time it is a 1-800 toll free number… worth a shot, if it is still under warranty

The AC/DC adapter is a good distance away (although it does get rather hot- but it’s not affecting the computer)

I’m pretty sure my warranty was just a one-year deal, and that’s looong gone (okay, I’ve only had it for a couple years, but still…

might having 2 monitors make much of a difference? because, while the second monitor is nice to have, I could deal with having it unattached if necessary.

what I was saying is that if the AC/DC adapter is not giving your computer enough “juice” it will overheat…

your adapter might be the only thing failing here.
If your computer is not getting enough power it willl overheat verry quick…

Acer have had cooling problems running through the laptops like a wildfire in California, due to the new solder they’ve used (because of EU regulations) the solder is much less resilient to heat as the solder used before. This has caused motherboards to malfunction, screens to short out and often complete laptop malfunction. The best thing to do from an outside perspective is to lower CPU to a minimum turn the laptop off at certain intervals and to perhaps get it checked every so often or to keep the warranty alive with Acer because once that expires they won’t hesitate to say no when you ask for a repair because of the high demand of people with the same problem. Sorry I cant say much else to help but it’s a start!