Acer leaf on water


How do I add that multi-dimensional look that water seems to have?
Any critiques on the scene itself are welcome.:wink:

below is the material node setup I used for the water.


You might try mixing in an anisotropic BSDF with your glossy shader. That might help.

will “stick my neck out” :wink: 'cos if I get it wrong the better gurus will tell me off an put you right at the same time lol
glass node already has a glossy component, best to mix it with a transparent or maybe translucent
IOR is wrong water is about 1.3 (give or take )
ripples would get “slightly” distorted the closer they are to leaf (displacement mod should do that, be gentle)
leaf looks too high for the ripples
lastly I have no idea what an “acer” leaf is looks a bit too red for me but it could be spot on I dunno
hope that helps

Thanks for all the help, I have been busy trying out the ideas, and the image is improving.:slight_smile:
The anisotropic shader was fantastic! I never would have thought of using that.
I am making this picture for a card for my brother’s birthday. Acer leaves truly can go bright red in autumn;:yes:
My brother grows them, they are amazing.

Thanks again.

I’m back to working on the Leaf again.(Trying to improve it)
although, I have run into a problem with the water; it looks like liquid plastic.

(Below)Water Material

How can I improve it?

I am also trying to achieve a moonlight look to the scene.
Any idea on how I can bring that across is welcome.:slight_smile:

For the water modeling you can take a look at dynamic paint waves (an example tutorial: )
For the material: i think that if you don’t need to let see what’s behind the surface you can fake it with a simple glossy and probably roughness around .05
A slight glossy material on the leaf will improve it…
Moonlight: a quick way can be to place in front (but hidden to camera) a curved plane, emission material, with a moonlight image that the water will reflect.

Could you do the water with strictly a glass node with the right IOR and a plane the color you want below the water?

If you want the water to look more realistic, you could add some transparency and a way for it to refract on itself and add depth. However, when possible, your goal should be to make it look better than real.

I think the water would look a lot more realistic if you were to make it black with very high reflectivity so that all color would come from the reflections. Because water isn’t actually blue it just reflects a blue sky in most instances, so if the sky were red the water would instead look red. For this to look good you’d also need something to reflect so I’d recommend some kind of environment map (this site has a bunch of great ones).

Also it doesn’t matter how refractive the water is if it doesn’t have anything behind it to actually refract. The only difference that will make is increasing the rendertime.

Anyway, good luck and happy blending!

The waves shouldn’t be circular, but rather shaped like the leaf border (with offset). You’d get circular waves only if you have a very small object, a circular object or very far away from the object (Huygen’s principle). Look at the shapes of the waves:
You could try dynamic paint, or sculpt for this.

Try to put some plane with texture under the water (so refraction has something to refract).

Looking forward to seeing the “perfect” water in this thread. When you achieve it please share the node setup.

Thank you for all the helpful replies, I have experimented with the ideas and this is the result.
How does the water look now?

Water node setup(Below)