Achievement GUI - how to?

Hi guys.

Is it possible to display an image in the camera’s view in the BGE (kinda like a HUD/GUI) thats like an achievement-get image?

How would i do it with logic bricks? (if possible.)

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You might want to take a look at bgui,here.
One of its example gui systems is a pop-up notification.

I can do it with objects, text etc,
So if you got this thing
Collision with Thing---------------and---------message to player “you got thing”
______________________________-----------End Thing

Player code to receive item
property “thing”
Message Player “you got thing”---------and-----------property thing = 1;

Object that displays(make sure it is marked invisable to start) on/off for thing had or not when spawned
Delay-1----------and----------copy property player thing
if thing =1--------and-----------visibility on

So player hits “thing” thing disappears, players thing count goes from 0 to 1;
player wins map, screen displays text blocks that grab scores, extra lives etc, and these on/off things for special pick ups or sub objectives or whatever :slight_smile:

here is a example with a text box in it you can append from, :slight_smile:
and some of my loop logic in node


CodeItAll.blend (522 KB)

Thanks @BluePrintRandom, Ill look into it :wink:

Edit - Cos its an image, Would i just UV map it to a Plane and put it in the cameras view?

That is good as well fire, but the text will change for any situation,
and On/off on the planes or spawn no spawn etc, is all the same solution

the object Text, in append-codeitall.blend-objects-Text

this can use any property, it is the most use-full debug tool I have found :slight_smile:

ok - bit confused as how to start it. but ill try that way :stuck_out_tongue:

do you have goolge+?

Nah, i dont :stuck_out_tongue:

It is nice, google drive- collaboration made easy!!!
google + marketing, input and development chat etc
I just started and it is free, you can edit/share with links after you set up your google drive, and it has permission settings that are nifty!!