Achieving a production quality model

I have recently decided I wanted to work on a model until I reached a level of quality that I felt could be “Hollywood worthy”

I am in a more blocky phase of the project, trying the get the proportions right and fill some of the holes the concept art doesn’t quite flesh out.

Here is the reference image from which I am building the model (Artist (love his work), I am looking not only to create an accurate model of this character, but also get its more subtle details and pass on to 3D the vibe of him.

I have already spent some days on this model and so far it its proving to be my most ambitious project.

So far the main challenge is to fill some creatives holes of mechanical pieces staying true to the original model.

Thank you!


very nicely done

Is your final model going to be fully rigged?

I am not planning on rigging it myself. I am happy to let a rigger practice on it once it is finished. :slight_smile:

Some more progress on the model. I am not a fan of how the back is looking, I may have to redo it.

More progress! I think I am getting close to being able to start with materials and texturing.

What do you guys think?

Here are some renders to test the shape a bit more and discuss with some designer friends what they thought of the model and the direction of it.

Front render with some test lighting.

^Image still isn’t working for me. Really interested in seeing how this turns out. Worst case scenario, if the entire site fails, you could always try posting a link to an image hosting site like imgur or something.

Yeah I don’t know why the images were not displaying before. Now I think it is working.

Working on some lighting before I go into texturing and Materials.

Pretty awesome looking. Can’t wait to see the final product if its so good already.

Amazing design!

Hi guys, here is some progress of the material for the shoulder.

Some progress of the texturing and shading

Head details :slight_smile:

Now that’s a great result! Are the materials all procedural?

Its a nice modle… I love it. How did you learn blender ti that extent. Some advice please

Thank you! For the materials and did a bit of a mix. With the help of the stencil kit from the Blender market