Achieving photo realism.

Hello. I have been trying hard to achieve a realistic render, mainly focused on human, and it has been few month now.
However, no matter what I do, I was not able to achieve a realistic skin and hair. I looked up to other tutorials and other files, but they didn’t exactly work on my file, such as, SSS. I believe that values gets bigger as I scale up the mesh. So I played around with the value for long time and this was what I was able to get.

(actual human skin) ( how do I get that bumpy feeling?)

And Also, I seriously need help with hair. I know that there is a tutorial done by Kent Tramell, (sorry If I named him wrong)
But I live in foreign country and don’t have a visa card yet, so I was not able to watch his amazing tutorials. Basically, I had to figure it out by myself, and I am very unhappy with my result. If someone can tell me how to achieve these, I would be most happy, and solve my problem that I had been suffering for a quiet some time.


The eyes could have more texture detail in the iris, and have slightly softer edges. See the eye tutorials on this page.

For the skin adding a specular map would help it look more organic.

You’ll want the eyebrow color to match the hair color.

Might want to go with more natural makeup, closer to what’s in the photo.

SSS looks too high to me - it’s giving the skin a ‘wax works’ type look.

Too much SSS, little too much specular(glossy) - you should use a map so that all parts of the face are not the same glossiness - and the lighting is not flat enough. Once you get the lighting and specular down you might want to introduce the slightest hint of a bump texture in areas where you might reasonably have some pores, but definitely not an overall texture. The cheek area below the eyes and above the smile lines often has some pores showing. Plus the skin color is very pink, contributing to the plastic doll effect.

okay, but what about texture blur?