Achieving Rollover Menus

Hey, how might it be possible to make rollover menu items? If anyone has any scripts that can do this for either keyboard or mouse, or if this is possible to achieve with logic bricks, that would be great.

I have two images for each item, one “up” and one “over”. Also, is this the right approach?


Mouse over–> And–> Replace Mesh (Over)
Mouse over INV --> And–> Replace Mesh (Up)

I hope you understand this logic brick diagram thing.

so use two mouseover sensors [one of them inverted] attached to different edit object -> replace mesh actuators

or just have one and play a color ipo in flipper mode [and use obcolor faces, and have ipo curves on ColR, ColG, ColB and ColA …]

So with the replaceMesh actuator, is there a way other than that to just replace the UV Texture?

By the way, I have no experience at all with IPO :stuck_out_tongue:

The only way to use possibly change the UV texture would be to reload the scene. It would therefore be more efficeint to just have seperate objects for each state if you want to use this method.

Alright thanks, but I finally got it working. The only thing now, is to trigger the scenes. On one of the items I have (logic bricks): Left Click -> And -> SetScene. This starts the scene as I want, but if any other item is clicked, it does the same. How can I get this to work for individual items?

Simple: individual objects, one per item.

Toomai, that’s what I’ve been doing. I set up logic bricks for one object to trigger a new scene, which is “Start”. On start (LeftMouse --> And --> SetScene) it starts up the scene with the game play. When Exit is clicked (the only bricks are the rollover ones), it starts up the same scene as start.