Ack. My first render.

Toyed around a bit with rendering, using Unified Render, OSA max, and raytracing. Don’t have the Yafray yet. Comments welcome!

Pretty good for a first render! The only thing that bothers me is the lighting. It looks like it was reversed or something.

Yeah, I used only a volmetric spot light and a hemi. With the world color set to black. I’m also bothered by the shadows. For example, the glass’ shadow does have some form of light leaking, but I don’t feel it’s transparent enough. So you have any idea of how I can manipulate the shadow without over-illuminating the place? The chrome bullets are supposed to have shadows, but they’re too faint to notice.

Otherwise, I’m fine with most of it, including that little easter egg. :wink:

They are a bit wierd right now; you can correct them by setting the clipsta and clipend settings for the spotlight to tighter values, so that the spotlight’s range barely encompasses your scene.

The glass looks a bit wierd; I would suggest turning translucency down (if you have it on, that is).

Nice monkey :smiley:


I rarely post, but…

Wow. Creating your name in ugly-ass lavender and pasting it right in the middle of an otherwise-attractive render really ruins it entirely.

Great jolly Moses, TAKE IT OUT. It’ll look a hundred times better.

Sign your work in the bottom corner like the rest of us. If its good enough for Picasso, its good enough for you. :smiley:

If that’s supposed to be part of the glass, then its a no-sell.

Otherwise, really good work. I just had to get that out of my system.

Something like that would look good with caustics, in which if you don’t want to use Yafray you can fake them with spotlights.

Is that a procideral(know i didn’t spell that right) marble texture on that box?

I tried to fix the shadow with clipsta and clipend, but I can’t get the effect that I want. Yeah, I changed my name to a different object, so expect an updated picture because I just downloaded YafRay.

It looks very nice, but the red spot on the box just annoys me for some reason and the monkey is sort of distracting. But I hope to see the next version :smiley: