ackniac! TAXI!

(blengine) #1

whats an ack? well, its what u say when u cant sleep… these were pics i actually made a few weeks ago, but i never posted em =) space age pics they be…
i changed the ship into a taxi thanks for the idea pofo…i still dont like it =)

the generator was an idea i got from a pic in the galleries…
im not too happy with the space ship but it was my first attempt at one
after semi failing on a space ship, i took my anger out on the earth and made it blow up

thanks for lookin, i hope i get nailed with some critique

(Bapsis) #2

Very nice work!
The thing that really grabs me is your awesome use of colour, it really makes the subjects stand out very nicely. Everything looks very clean and clear, are you useing GI? Keep up those late night blends!!! :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

(blengine) #3

thanks! nah no GI, just spotlights and a hemi here or there

(blendererot) #4

Great pics, nice surreal colors, how did you make the nebula structures in space?

(BgDM) #5

Cool stuff man 8) . Always nice to see your work. Don’t feel bad about the ship. Better than anyhting I have ever done to date as far as a ship.

I have to agree with Bapsis on your use of colours. Really makes your work stand out.


(jorx) #6

I especially like the first one. The level of detail and lighting is just incredible! People pay for these kind of pictures! I for one, wish I could make that cool pics… (I’m working on it)

(pofo) #7

Lovely pictures! Mezmerizing colors

Don’t you ever sleep?

When I saw the first one I thought:

pofo thought:

Cool! an open air, high speed, anti gravitic CD player!

The ship screems ‘TAXI!’ at me, wonder why. You might want to try putting one of those little signs on top of it. And maybe making it yellow.

//edit: Thanks, it’s stopped screaming now. Looks real cool to me :slight_smile:

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