ACME Brick Masonry Designer - Working Again!

Hello Everyone,

I have just upgrade to Ubuntu 10.04, and the latest version of wine, and much to my suprise, I am able to get the free (but not open source) Masonry Designer by Acme brick to work.

For me, this has been one of the best brick image generators.

Download it here

wow, cool tip! thanks.

Looks like a really nice program despite the fact you’ll have to use a different program to get a normal map of the image.

Does it make seamless textures or is it really meant to just make images you can print and show your home improvement store?

…wow that’s fun/cool/etc…looks like ya need to crop some to tile …so what …like the glazed tiles…may have to revamp an old kitchen scene…thanks…

Ace Dragon,

Seamless - I don’t think so. It is also a bit slow the first time you render a new material. But after the first time, the source jpg is stored locally. It has never been a complete solution, unless of course you want factory perfect brick.

I am pretty sure that every time I have used it, I added something - either in Gimp or Blender (procedural).

Thanks Ob1-ron - I’ve oft on occasions needed a brick-wall type texture, and while there is some free “generators” around, I could always use use another source. Once you have done enough “bricks”, you tend to get sutle with this texture.

Wow…a 10x10 section of full chamfered blocks is8000+x5000+…118mb.(as TGA)…I could see molecules …nice color selections…cool that is saves a alpha-PNG with it …