Acount for groups.

Hey, we are a group of norwegian blender users who wants to make an acount under our groups name, and not for a person. Is it possible and permitted on this site?

It’s possible and permitted, but strongly discouraged since people on this forum expect to be there discussions here to be with other individuals… not a “container” account for multiple people. Folks here like to know who they’re talking to.

Is there any particular reason why the people in your group can’t each register on the forum?

Most of them are registred here with their own identities. But sometimes we want to be seen as “Blender 3D Norge” which is the groups name. For instance when uploading images or videos that we have all been working on. What we hope to achieve is to be seen by fellow norwegian blender users that are not in the group. So its for recruiting really. The main purpose is not tot ake part in discusions with the acount, but if we have uploaded some of our images or videos we will use the acount to answer questions in the spesific thread. So basicly its to make people aware of the fact that there is a society for norwegian blenders users. Our group also permits non-norwegians to join if they are located in Norway.

I’m personally not a fan of this approach. Not only have you stated that you’re explicitly not interested in having discussions on a forum (a place built specifically for having discussions, not for marketing), but I also don’t think it will be particularly effective at achieving your awareness/recruitment goal. A far more effective approach would be to have each of the members of your group include a mention of Blender 3D Norge in their signatures, with a link to your group’s website. This is far better as you get to actually show that your group consists of more than just one person/account.

I won’t stop you from creating the account that you’ve asked about, but it’s against the spirit of this forum and I don’t think that way of doing it is going to be much benefit to your group in the long run.

I am interested in participating in discusions, but i do that with my own acount. The reason i dont want to participate with the groupaccount is because of the things you mention in your first reply. I have been considering having my members mention the group the way you say. But i know most of them are not very active on this site, so i am unsure if it would help. I apriciate being allowed to do this though.