Acoustic/Classical Guitar

Any ideas for a bigger scene or critics are appreciated!

Latest Render:

cool project :slight_smile: You might want to add a little lip to the hole to give it some thickness, unless I just cant see it.

Ya I see what you mean. There is some thickness but Yafray is not lighting the inside if the guitar for some reason…
I’m still trying to figure out why.

Nice guitar.
Are you using any scale drawings
or is this your own design?

Its to scale with the guitar I own, I took a picture and traced it. The design of the head I changed a little.

Looks great so far, i like the detail at the top of the neck.

Jester :smiley:

i think more frets, or better spacing would be good, the body starts at only the twelth fret. Maybe that’s too small of a detail, but whatever.

Thanks but as you can see in all these pictures they have 12 frets when the body starts.

here’s an update. I changed the lighting to HDRI. I’ve never used this before so it might take some tweaking. I added strings and the bridge. I’m still working on that wood texture.

purdy cool man. Thats a really nice wood texture! Just doesnt fit the guitar very well. I like how your strings came out. Not long ago I tried a model of the very same thing and I could never get my strings to look right, they were either too fat or invisible. You’ve nailed it here I think.

i personaly play the guitar a bit (hence guitarplay yay). I think it is a very good model, and i am guessing you are going for a realistic look so here are my suggestions.

  1. the hole is too small. Its minor, but the first thing i notived was that. Try making it larger but try to make it further away from the fret board a tiny bit. away from

  2. it needs some sort of design around that hole, maby just a darker staind circle or something fancier. (personaly i like realy cool pick guards as well. ex: this)

  3. that guitar seems to have to high a hard level. Maby turn down the spot a bit, and take down the hard, so its still defined, but not so destinct.

i know its a work in progress, but those are a few things i noticed after looking at it for a bit. good work overall.

thanks for critics.
I made the hole a little bigger but I think it looks small because i haven’t added the design (rosette) around the hole yet. The hardness is now fixed.

(as a guitar player) it’s coming along very well. i think that the neck is a bit wide though. that might be because of the perspective, but thinning it would look better IMO. the wood texture for the body is coming along great. i think that the neck should have a darker brown color for sure. like guitarplay said, the hole needs to be much larger. keep pu the good work. that looks like it’ll be one sweet guitar.

by the way, for the rossete design, i think a couple of simple circles (of varying thickness) going around the hole would look best.

What kind of guitar is it?
When you say “Acoustic Guitar”
do you mean all steel string or
is it actually a classical guitar?

Nice work. couple of suggestions…you could make the face a lighter wood like spruce and the curved body material darker like mahogany. This would give it some variation and perhaps more interest. The proportions look good…a few fret dots and some sound hole ring design would be great :slight_smile:

Its a classical guitar, nylon strings. sorry for any confusion.

I made a MUCH better texture now (UV mapped it :)). It took a while to make but it was worth it.
Everything looks the right size to me. Tell me is you guys still think the sound hole is too small.

amazing, cant wait to see it finish


Did some of the neck.
I’m tired and going to bed.
Hope you enjoy this. I think its getting nicer.

Very nice so far. It might just be the angle, but I think the neck looks a little too dark. Very nice, I can’t wait to see it finished!


Almost done! Just need to fix some small details.

Any ideas for a scene I could make for this? I got a few in mind but I like to hear other peoples ideas.