Acoustic Guitar

Found this old project and thought I’d start it up again, heres what I have so far, rendered with Yafray.

p.s. is their anyway of using translucent materials in yafray, i.e. the blind, their is a window behind it but I can’t get a silhouette to show through:(. (I do have a translucent material).

C&C appreciated :D.

I think the floor boards are to large compared to the bricks, other than that looks great.

Guitar body need sub surfing, or something like that, looks chunky, apart from that, cool, i think for your translucency problem, try a tiny bit of transparency to it till you find out how to properly do translucency

Nightowl: I’ll try playing with the scales a little to fix that

Joeb: the guitar has subsurf but I think the texture is making it look blocky because of a thin black line I drew around it (the stuff holding the side and front of the guitar together), I’ll smooth that out.
Also I’ll see how transparency goes.

Thanks for the comments!!:smiley:

Heres the newest render, minor post pro in gimp (seam removal on the floor). The transparent blind seams to be working and I’ve removed the seal from around the guitar so now it’s smoother. I’ve also made the planks smaller.

The strings on the guitar are very close to each other i play the guitar myself and they’re not that close to each other. Here’s a pic where you can it clearly. But the other stuff looks very nice esspecially the wood floor it that texture is awesome!

Thanks!!!, I’ll try to spread the strings out more and the wood texture, as well as the brick texture are formCG Textures. It’s a great website with tonnes of textures to freely use.
I’ll update as soon as I can.
Thanks for the crits!!:smiley:

Thanks for the link too :D.

Here’s another update, I’ve widened the strings and added a chair and lamp. What do you think?

The lamp looks unrealistic as the shade casts on shadow.

It looks much better now though every string shouldn’t have the same thickness. I like the lamp really much but maybe it would look cooler if you placed the lamp on the chair and moved it closer to the guitar and made the guitar body just a little reflective, that would look cool IMO. But this is just how i would do it so you don’t have to follow my advice :).