Acoustic Guitar

Hi, this is my second project that I post on this site. Its a acoustic guitar that i plan to put in some kind of scene later on. I have not left the modeling stage yet, still some stuff to improve and add, but i will hopefully load up an (maby) textured update tomorrow. I tried to render two 500 sample images (in cycles) that i combined with a mix node in the compositor. Not as good result as if I had rendered a 1000 samples, but a great way to do if you have to shut the computer down;) So, vertices: 189699 and combined rendertime of the two images: around an hour. I’m sorry for the bad quality of the image but I didn’t had so much time to render. Hope that you like what you see atleast that you can see it :slight_smile:

Ok, new post, reduced the vertices count to about 47000 (this reduced the rendertime to around 10 s.) and added some basic materials :slight_smile:

Hmm, I’d say it needs reflections, and some bands (could be ivory, mother of pearl or whatever) around the edges and in the O-hole.

Yea, I’m working at the materials right now, there will be a lot of image textures. And bands, i completely forgotten them (facepalm) thanks for reminding me :smiley:

apart from the guitar body having no depth the model looks sound, it’ll make a big difference getting the materials sorted. :slight_smile:

Ok, new update. I have now added materials:D but I’m not rely happy with the wood at the “thing the strings goes on” any suggestions:confused: Well, here are the images.

how did you do the strings like that?

Here’s a screenshot

Looks great!
I’d suggest changing the string radius gradually as they are all different sizes to give you different tones. And it’s common to have the 3 lower (right hand side on your images) strings made of 1 strand of steel - so no wavy texture there. (at least my guitar’s always had them that way)

Thanks for your tips piater, I’ve made the strings bit smaller for every step, but its hardly even visible from this view, I’ll post another pic later. I’ve also tried to make the three right hand side to nylon strings, saw that variant on my own guitar. The image is only 5 samples cuz every sample took about 3 minutes each :stuck_out_tongue: