Across the clouds

Hi everyone.
I’m ready to kill someone because I can’t get my domain cube surface transparent.
I’m using the Clouds Generator addons: during a camera movement the rendering outside and inside of the cube it’s perfect.
When the camera crossing the cube surface, only in these frames, the problem appears: the surface of cube is rendered not transparent but black.
I’m going crazy…
Any help?

Select the cube in the outliner and unchecking the render icon helps?
If not, post a simplified scene in and I will take a look later, in some hours.

The cube does not have a render icon…
Here a simplified file:

Black monday…
URL forbidden in the post. You have a PM.
Anyway it seems that the problem it is also with a default model, when we apply the cloud generator addon to the standard cube and move the camera across the cube.
During the crossing, the rendering of surface is black.
The cube (domain) does not have a render icon.

Do this:

Open the file
Go to frame 22 in the timeline.
Select the camera and look at the camera panel and check in the Display subpanel there “Limits”.
You see now the limits where your camera works and the start limit is the problem. In the Lens subpanel of the
camera put Clipping Start to 0.001 and now it would have to work for the frames 21 to 29 as you want.

The solution was quite hidden.
I was completely concentrated in searching on transparencies, materials, textures, shadows, alpha …
Very very usefull help.
Thank you very much Bao2